FAQs or just any Questions

(1) can we return certain items ? / The answer is yes, we have a return policy 
on the pages below.
ANSWER = It is updated often Please take the time to familiarize yourself
before you order.

(2) Do we Buy collectibles or anything related to what we sell ?
ANSWER = Yes ,we buy often and will travel to buy large collections or
1 item. We also do appraisals and also have been called into court proceedings 
to validate current value of items that are in our expertise.

(3) Do we do Fairs and Trade shows and Comiccon Events
ANSWER = Yes , we do many events thru-out the calendar year.
See our Social / Events Page or contact us directly.

(4) Do we do fundraisers or Charity Work ?
ANSWER = Yes , always and very often. Please see our
company Facebook or even contact us directly for details.