1973 Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address Commemorative Coin Medallion Case FREESP

  • $49.99

Abraham Lincoln
Gettysburg Address 
National Parks 
Commemorative Coin


This is a Commemorative Coin / Medallion from Gettysburg .
The maker is Americana Medallion in 1973.

It comes in a case with holder and small round info card.
Thee were sold at the National battlefield in 1973 , the date
on the coin. There are NOT alot of these out on the net.
its almost 40 years old and the condition is amazing.

Its made of metal and very heavy, the case and coin are
in MINT condition and the info card is crisp and MINT.

The picture shows both sides and
'the quarter helps show the size , its about 2 inches round.
auction is for 1 coin.

The best part is the ...................