RARE MLB 2012 Las Vegas License Show 1st Ever OYO Sports Action Figure Gen 1

  • $499.97

2012 Las Vegas  
1st Ever Promotion
Generation 1
Official MLB Hologram
OYO Sports Figure

Boxed / Sealed


This is the very 1st ever of this toy line.
It was a promotional piece at the booth in 2011
at the Las Vegas Sports Licensing Show , Trade Summit.
It is sealed and has the MLB Hologram on it as the 
first league to give the toy company a license was MLB.

This is one of only a few, maybe 20 of the figures at
that show and a very RARE piece. 
There has NEVER been one of these in the marketplace ever !

The OYO sports figures come with many accessories 
and are compared to Lego figures.   
The figures come with bats, hats , helmets , sticks , pucks ,
any item they play in their respective sports.

These are very collectible 
and this item is New and sealed in original package. 

 The best part is ....................
*US Only*