Yawkey Way Report Red Sox Program Aaron Judge Batting Plactice Home Run Baseball

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Boston Red Sox
Fenway Park

Yawkey Way Report
Aaron Judge 
Batting Practice
*Field Item*

This is the Scorecard of the Red Sox for Yawkey Way Report Magazine.
The player on the cover is the Feature Article .

This is also a Home Run Ball from Batting Practice, in July.
He didn't hit any Dingers during the series, but he smacked a ton
of baseballs into the stands at Fenway.

The ball has the stamp on it that says "Practice" on it
and has that famous field dirt from Fenway on it.
There is now way to really authenticate that Judge hit
it , but the official ball with stamp on it says it was there.

If we could authenticate it , The ball would
be very high priced and already sold.   

The lot is for the program and baseball.

The best part is ..................
*US Only*